• Complete Terrium Kit
    - Medium size glass jar with removeable cork lid
    (approx measurements 15cm diameter x 28cm tall)
    - Starter Terrarium medium and moss kit
    - 2 piece terrarium tool kit
    Just add your plants!
    NZ$ 59.00 each
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    Out Of Stock
  • Plant Life Support
    - Quirky cool gift idea
    - Fill up with water, turn the valve on and your good to go!
    NZ$ 20.00 each
    In Stock
  • Terrarium Starter Kit
    - Everything for creating a small terrarium
    - Vermiculite
    - Natural bog-peat
    - A variety of moss and lichen
    - Just add your chosen glass container and plants!
    NZ$ 30.00 each
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock
  • Terrarium Tool Kit
    - 2 piece set
    - Extends to 84cm so great for those hard to reach terrariums!
    NZ$ 15.00 each
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    Out Of Stock
  • Coir Pole
    - 1.2mtr
    - Great for Climbers
    In Stock
  • Groconut Plant Food
    - 1 sachet makes 45 litres
    - Use 1/4 - 1/2 tsp per 1 ltr
    - A versatile plant food for soil and plants
    - Can also use in your compost to enrich with nutrients
    NZ$ 19.00 each
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  • Kokodama Starter Kit
    - Great gift idea for that plant lover!
    - Everything included just add your desired plant
    NZ$ 32.00 each
    In Stock
  • The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food
    - Liquid fertlizer formulated especially for your indoor plants
    - 1ml per 1 ltr of water
    - Comes with dropper
    - 100ml bottle
    NZ$ 19.00 each
    Out Of Stock
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